Marchman Act

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There are millions of people with substance abuse problems. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this terrible affliction. If you have a family member with a substance abuse problem, you are not without options.  While your loved one with the problem is often unable to perceive that there is a problem and can remain in denial for a long time, the law provides help to the substance abuser and his family.

The first step in helping a person who is abusing substances is to bring awareness of the problem to light. Shedding light on the problem is something that you have likely been attempting for some time now. If talking to your loved one is not working, you can take additional steps to protect yourself and your loved one from the devastating effects of substance abuse.

Help for Substance Abuse from West Palm Beach Attorney Joe Considine

When substance abuse or drug addiction affects a friend or member of your family, there is a legal procedure that allows you to confidentially request a court order for assessment, stabilization and treatment. In Florida, this procedure is called “The Marchman Act.” This measure provides court-ordered consequences if the person does not follow the court’s directives.

Joe Considine has spoken to professional groups across Florida about the Marchman Act, including the statewide conference of Licensed Mental Health Counselors and various  treatment centers.  Joe Considine is the choice of many treatment centers who often refer clients to him. If your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, Joe Considine can help you choose the right solution to protect their best interests and as well as your family’s best interests. Mr. Considine has over twenty years of experience assisting families with the difficult decisions you are faced with when a loved one is in the midst of substance abuse and its devastation. Joe Considine has handled many Marchman Act cases for families whose loved ones suffer from addiction problems and are unwilling to seek help. Call Joe Considine to help you help them get the treatment and services they need.

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