Joe Considine Has Litigated Over 1200 Cases in South Florida

You need an experienced litigation lawyer to handle your case. There are many rules of civil procedure and evidence that must be followed in court to optimize your chances of success. Many lawyers are unfamiliar with all of these rules. A litigant must also have a “feel” for the peculiarities of his or her judge.  You need someone familiar with the courtroom and the local judges. Mr. Considine has litigated many different civil cases from divorces, contract disputes and significant personal injury cases over his long career as an attorney. While his practice is focused on divorce and family law cases, his experience is broad and extensive in the courtroom. He has practiced and tried cases before many of our local judges.


In addition to litigation involving the courtroom, Joe Considine also has significant experience in mediation and collaborative process. Not all cases need to be litigated.

The collaborative process and mediation may allow you to end your marriage with much less stress and much deeper conflict resolution than litigation.  Through private consultation, Joe Considine will work with you to identify your best interests and to determine strategy and procedure.